Mummy Bootcamp Outdoor Sessions

4 wks remaining 'till xmas break from €80 (from Nov 2021)

Mon & Wed 10:45am
Nov 22nd - Dec 19th
€80 (plus booking fee)
Tue & Thur 10:45am
Nov 22nd - Dec 19th
€80 (plus booking fee)
Tues & Fri 10:30am
Nov 23rd- Dec 19th
€80 (plus booking fee)
Mon & Fri 9am
Nov 1st- Dec 19th
€80 (plus booking fee)
DEERPARK Mount Merrion
Weds & Fri 10:30am
Nov 24th-Dec 19th
€80(plus booking fee)
Tues & Thurs 9.15am
Nov 23rd - Dec19th
€80 (plus booking fee)
Terenure College
Tues only 7:30pm
Nov 23rd-Dec 19th
€50 (plus booking fee)


Phoenix Park - Mon & Wed at 10:45am (meet at the end of the cricket grounds car park, which you can access opposite the zoo entrance across chesterfield ave)

St. Enda's Park - Rathfarnam, Tue & Thur at 10:45am

Cabinteely Park - Tue & Thur at 9.15am

St. Annes Park - Raheny, Tues & Fri at 10:30am * NEW Mon & Thurs at 10:30am.

Deer Park - Mount Merrion, Wed & Fri at 10.30am

Bushy park - Terenure, Mon & Fri at 9am

Terenure college - Terenure, Tues at 7:30pm only * This is a buggy free class! Additional Thurs to be added from Nov 2nd. **

(ALL CLASSES LAST APPROX. 60 MINUTES, MEMBERSHIPS LAST 6 WEEKS FOR €99, (unless otherwise stated) - in the event of a class/ classes being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, the class will be moved to online)


** This thursday class in Terenure is subject to numbers. tbc

If you would like to join mid session, please contact or call  086 3836020 and we will get you started.



Our Mummy Bootcamp classes include a mat and dynaband work, so all Bootcampers are expected to have them at each class. You will pick up a mat handy enough (Lidl or Aldi often do them, or Argos, Penneys etc). You can purchase a dynaband from us here if you need one. You can do so here for €10 and I can post it out to you.


You can now purchase a 1 class pass to try it out first*, which is redeemable off your full 6 week membership should you join and pay within 24 hours of using your class pass and I will refund the €15. Simply click on this link to buy your class pass. And simply call or text me on 086 3836020 to arrange to use your 1 class pass in one of our locations, then turn up and give it a go. I advise all new Mums to only start if you are at least 6 weeks post natal following a vaginal, non - complicated delivery, or  12 weeks if you had a c-section or any major complications. Your body needs this time to heal before starting this type of exercise. Need help with it, call us and I will be happy to help you:)

*trial passes are not permitted in the first week of any 6 week session I'm afraid and beyond that are subject to availability, especially with restricted numbers.


Phoenix Park - Google Maps: This popular Mummy N Buggy Bootcamp in Phoenix park is fun, social and effective outdoor exercise classes with experienced and quality instructors for new Mums & Babies. We Meet up on the pitches from the magazine fort. So go up military road, and park in the first car park on right, that is covered with trees. We meet just by the goal posts as you walk out onto the pitches. Allow yourself time to find it on time.

St. Enda's Park - Google Maps: St Endas is home to our original Mummy N Buggy Bootcamp! For all our classes here we meet at the car park on Sarah Curran Ave. It's important to be there at least 5-10 minutes before the start time as we will be using different parts of the park for every class.

Cabinteely Park - Google MapsThis lovely green area is the perfect spot for a good workout! Nothing like sweating a bucket next to the elegant grandeur of the Big House! We meet in the park, in front of the main house.

St. Anne's Park - Google Maps: Directions: Coming out of town go down the coast road past Clontarf. Turn left up Mount Prospect Avenue (there is a group of shops on the corner including Wongs Chinese Restaurant; it's the left just past here.) Continue up the road about 300-400 metres and enter the Park on the right hand side. Follow the footpath into the park. Head up the path to the right and you will come to the meeting point. Please be there at least 5 minutes before your class.

Deer Park - Google Maps: Enter the gate from Mount Anville Road and walk straight ahead on path into park. We are just on the right on that pitch area, approx 50 mtrs from gate.

Bushy Park - Google Maps: We meet just by the band stand in Bushy park. As you enter by the new paddle courts, just follow the path all the down towards the pond down the hill, and you will see us by the bandstand.



15This unique class is a great outlet for new mums as you can bring your baby & buggy along, which is a great attraction as there is no need for a sitter! It gives Mums the chance to get in shape and pull back into that body that you had before it was all about baby. Mum's get to meet up with other mums, swap stories, trade tips; it will get you outdoors, so you can get fit and active, feel energetic and positive and most of all, help you lose the weight and tone up. We also set up private groups online to chat to other mums in your class and give notifications and useful snippits of info throughout your 6 weeks.

"It's been the best part of my maternity leave. I've met lots of new mums, and I feel fantastic! Niamh, Phoenix Park

All our Mummy Bootcamp sessions run for 6 weeks, and the majority of our Mums go twice a week with the occassional Mum doing a 3rd class in a different location. ALL 6 week MUMS ARE FREE TO ATTEND ANY OF OUR MUMMY BOOTCAMP CLASSES IN ANY LOCATION THROUGHOUT YOUR 6 WEEK MEMBERSHIP if your location is a twice a week location for €99!  See above for locations and start dates. If you would like to join mid session, please contact or call 086 3836020 and we will get you started.