December classes for October Mums

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Hi there,

Due to Level 5 restrictions, we had to close up our classes, as you were all informed. So we are putting on some classes on the first week of December to help make up for those classes. So for all our Mums that were mid session when we closed down, you are good to go along to any of these classes, on a first come first serve basis, and booking in will be required beforehand so we can free up places to Mums who may want to go to all the classes, or may want to go along to a different location too.

So here are the classes that we hope to run next week, based on what guidelines are released following this Level 5 lockdown.

Tuesday 1st Dec – St Endas and Cabinteely park at 10:30am

Wednesday 2nd Dec – Pheonix park, St. Annes and Deerpark at 10:30am

Thursday 3rd Dec – St. Endas park and Cabinteely park at 10:30am

Friday 4th Dec – Bushy park, Deerpark and St. Annes at 10:30am

Saturday 5th Dec – Bushy park at 10am and Herbert park at 10:30am. **


**Saturday classes: To book in for those, you will need to use your Mind body account and book in there. Click here for Mind Body. They will be open for bookings 3 days before the class. If you don’t have a Mind Body Account, see end of email.

Bushy park:10am. Meet at the bandstand

Herbert park:10:30am. Meet on the opposite side to the tennis courts, just by the black railing off the road.**



Simply reply to the email I send out to your class group, as before. If you could reply by 7pm the evening before the class is due to take place, this will help free up places for other Mums. Likewise, if you hope to go to a different location on a different morning to what you were booked in for, then I won’t be able to let you know until after 7pm the evening before. If I don’t hear back from you by 7pm the evening before, I will take it that you are not able to make it and will open up your place. This is the fairest:)

Thanks again for the lovely replies to my emails last night. You’re all very patient and understanding, and I will of course endeavour to give you all your classes, one way or another:)

Looking forward to getting back to normal, if that’s what we can call it:)


Lorraine & The Mummy Bootcamp team. x




Don’t have a Mind Body account?

If you have NOT already logged into your account and made a purchase there, follow these steps CAREFULLY:

STEP 1: First click here, this will take you to our Bootcamp Ireland home page

STEP 2: Click on the red login button (located in the upper right corner)

STEP 3: Create account here.

Once this is done you will have an account with us! We also have an app you can download on your phone which makes accessing your account really easy where you can then book in for those Saturday classes next week. The link for IPhone is here and android is here.


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