Currently we are only offering Online Classes.  But plan to resume outdoors once restrictions lift to allow pods of 15 adults to train outdoors. Click here to book in for online.


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Alright, you’ve had your baby.. you’re all set up and know how it works, but now it’s time to spend some time on you! It’s really simple to join, but just in case you’ve missed a few nights sleep of late, I’m going to lay it out in Step by Step Guide on how to join.

  1. Go to Classes page & decide what location suits you best
  2. Choose the preferred date that you would like to start – there are a number of sessions available for bookings in different locations, to allow mums to plan ahead. Please ensure you are booking the date that you require by scrolling down the page.
  3. Click on the ‘Book & Pay now’ button and this will bring you to a paypal link to make your booking. If you don’t have a paypal account, don’t worry, just click ‘dont have a paypal account’ or ‘pay with credi/debit card’. We will then get an email confirming your payment.
  4. By making a purchase on paypal, we have created an account for you on our Mind Body Online Account Management System. Here we have your Name, email and mobile number and membership related information. You are advised to log into this account and confirm details are all correct, complete the waiver and create a unique password for ongoing account information. Click here for info on how to access this account and secure it.  Your details will only be used for Bootcamp related communications and your information will not be passed on to any 3rd parties.
  5. When a class is full, we will indicate this on the classes page.
  6. You will get a registration email closer to the start date of your session giving you details of where we meet and what to expect etc.


You can now purchase a 1 class pass to try it out first, which is redeemable off your full 6 week membership should you join and pay within 24 hours of using your class pass. Go the classes page to see the link to purchase your 1 class pass. These are not redeemable on any first week of a 6 week session, and are subject to availability. 

FAQ’s on joining

I can’t start on the first day of the 6 week session, what will I do?

You can start up the following week no problem or mid session if thats how your dates are working out. We charge you a rate of €20 per week (or part thereof), so if you have missed week 1 or 2 etc, we can still get you started and you don’t have to wait until the next start date to get you in. If you join on week 2, then most mums will just make up their 2 missed classes by going along to another location on another day during the rest of their 6 weeks.

Where do we meet?

The meeting point of each location is on the classes page. If you click on the park name, you will see where we meet.

I am going on Holidays so will miss a week?

Thats ok.. there are plenty of Mums who will miss a week or so during the 6 weeks, due to other commitments, or simply down to their babies needs. You can attend another location on alternate days/times to make it up.

My 6 week check up falls on the week I am due to start Mummy Bootcamp?

That’s ok, you can still come down and join us if you feel up to it, and we will take it easy until after your appointment. Should your doctor advise you against continuing for the rest of the 6 weeks, just let us know and will postpone your session until you are ok to do so.

I’m really interested in Eating Healthy too, can you help me?

Yes we can. Have a chat with us after you have registered, and we will advise you accordingly and give you some eating plans to help you get started.