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The Benefits

The benefits of attending one of our 6 week Mummy Bootcamp Sessions are endless! This unique class is a great outlet for new mums as you can bring your baby ‘n buggy along, which is a great attraction. It gives Mums the chance to get in shape and pull back into that body that you had before it was all about baby. Mum’s get to meet up with other mums, swap stories, trade tips; it will get you outdoors, without the need for a babysitter so you can get fit and active, feel energetic and positive and most of all, help you lose the weight and tone up. Click here for all the benefits of joining Mummy Bootcamp!

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Considerations Post Natal

When pregnant, our bodies go through immense change, and while we are aware of most of the obvious changes, before we leap back into any exercise or even take on an exercise program for the first time, after having a baby, we really have to take into consideration, what our body is able for and at what level we should take things. All mums are different, as are their bodies, however there are some common considerations that we all need to take on board to avoid any damage and discomfort, beyond what we have already endured! Click here for some pointers to consider.

Ab Sep

Abdominal Separation

A common side effect of pregnancy is Abdominal Separation, also known as Diastasis Recti. This occurs when the tummy muscles separate during pregnancy, and do not shrink back together post delivery. You need to ensure they are back prior to doing certain exercises. There are a number of things to consider if you are planning to exercise post natal. As is the case with any issues post natal, you should consult your doctor prior to joining Mummy Bootcamp. Read on for details on Abdominal Separation.


Pelvic Floor Muscles

Your Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM), are made up of layers of muscles and other tissues and stretch like a hammock from the tailbone at the back, to the pubic bone in front. A woman’s PFM support her bladder, womb and bowel. The urine tube (front passage), the vagina and the back passage all pass through the pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles help you to control your bladder and bowel. They also help sexual function. It is vital to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong. Click here to read more.