top tips for training outdoors

Top Tips for training outdoors!

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Let’s face it, we all love training outdoors, but when the elements get the better of us, we here at Mummy Bootcamp can suggest a few tips that make it more ‘pleasant’ (if we can use that word in this context :))

  • Wear Gloves – the thinner water proof ones are the best as they keep your hands dry for all the ground work you need to do!
  • Wear a Hat – Most of the heat escapes via the top of your head – so keep it in!
  • Wear thin layers that you can remove or add as you need – Big fluffy coats are not ideal!
  • Make one of your pairs of runners, your Bootcamp runners that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Feed your baby before class if you can – It will give you more freedom to workout and may keep your baby satisfied at the same time!
  • Bring a mat – make it your Bootcamp mat and just face that fact that it will get dirty!
  • Bring a warm dry top and socks for after training – Nice to have this if you are going for coffee with the other Mums afterwards!
  • Bring a change of clothes for baby in case of any accidents – and a spare bottle and soother too
  • If your baby needs entertainment – bring that along too – toys, snacks etc.
  • Keep Hydrated! Needless to say, when you are training you need to keep well hydrated throughout the day, not just at class
  • Most of all, take it at your own pace, but keep moving throughout the class!


Lorraine & The Mummy Bootcamp Team

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