Training in the Sunshine

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Training outdoors is fun and is particularly brilliant when you can bring your baby with you in all weather conditions! The fresh air helps your baby sleep better, aids their appetite, and best of all, is generally good forĀ  their well being!

However, here are few pointers to remember when you are out and about in the parks in the sunny, warm weather:

  • Keep your baby covered up with light breathable clothing with a wide brim hat.
  • Sunblock cream for babies over 6 months old.
  • Keep them in the shade, ALL THE TIME.
  • Keep yourself and your baby well hydrated.
  • If it’s sunny, but a little chilly as can often be the case on a summers day in Ireland, avoid peeling off the layers of blankets and clothing from your baby, just because you are warm. Remember, they are not running around doing exercise, so they may be chilly, even if sunny.

Most of all, enjoy the precious moments you get to spend with your babies outdoors!

Cheers and here’s hoping we get to use these pointers this summer!



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